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Teaching is one of my greatest passions and it would be a pleasure to share my experience and knowledge with you.  
With over 30 years of on court teaching experience and more than five decades of playing, I have developed a unique perspective on this game that I would love to share with you.

From the beginner who is just learning, to the elite competitive player, I can bring the game of tennis into your life or take you to the next level in your competitive agenda as I have for so many others.


Depending on the type of workout you need, all my lesson plans are designed to cover several aspects of the game from beginning instruction to more advanced competitive techniques.  

THE PRIVATE LESSON is designed to give you the technical aspects of the game. The actual technique of the particular stroke and is generally more concentrated on the actual mechanics of the game.  

CLINICS AND GROUP WORKOUTS are more repetitive based in their design with the technical corrections being barked out a few times during the session.  The emphasis is on the skills for a more concentrated view how each discipline works.

THE CLASS is a combination of both technical and repetitive skill development in a series of lessons where all aspects of the game are reviewed.  One of the best ways to get a the complete overview of your game from the serve to the volley is in a class environment.

To play better and to take the technical skills learned in the private lesson to the next level, the clinics and workouts will  serve your overall needs quite nicely.



Sign up for one of my clinics under the Lessons & Clinics Tab.  Your game will thank you for it.

A Lesson Clinic or the Class


Racquet Stringing Specials --

  Its a great time to get your racquet restrung.  Even though the tournament and league season is in full swing, you should always get a fresh set of strings on your racquets to maintain consistant tension. 
The rule of thumb is simple:  you should have your racquet restrung as many times a year as you play per week.  Three times a week of play should string at least three times a year and four times a week should string four times a year and so on.  For tournament players....(more)

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